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FEAP organised the 2nd edition of 'Aquaculture in Motion',  Wednesday 6th of November in Le Méridien Hotel in Brussels. This year the event focussed on the ‘Strategic Guidelines for the Sustainable Development of European Aquaculture’ that were published by the European Commission in April 2013. These Guidelines aim to assist the EU Member States to define national targets while taking account of their circumstances, institutional arrangements and relative positions in terms of aquaculture activities. While the aims to promote aquaculture are intended to be achieved through a voluntary open process of coordination, it is also proposed, where appropriate, that common objectives be identified, alongside measurable indicators for progress.
In providing a focus on the need for quantified targets and relevant indicators, Aquaculture in Motion intends to stimulate the identification of Best Practice for the key performance indicators that need to be agreed as measures of progress and development. Moving European aquaculture forward with successful sustainable strategies was the target of this year’s Aquaculture in Motion.

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1. Welcome - Arnault Chaperon 

2. French case study - Yvette White 

3. French case study - Nadou Cadic

4. Hungary case study - Tamas Bardocz 

5. Spanish case study - Javier Remiro Perlado 

6. German case study - Bernhard Feneis

7. Indicators for the level playing field - Lara Barazi 

8. Aquaculture Advisory Council - Richie Flynn 

9. Research in Aquaculture - Gustavo Larrazabal 

10. Best practice on KPI's - Richie Flynn